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Right off the bat following Dieter Rams’ 10 Commandments for a perfect web design, checks off the box for Innovative design. I think the layout of the website is done in a way that is very fluid, and any user on the site can easily find what they are looking for no matter the sport. The drop down menu’s are a key factor to this, as they make navigation a breeze. It’s also convenient that they have live sports scores at the top of the page, for somebody who might quickly want to check in on a game, without having to navigate through a few different pages

The second point Dieter makes is a sites Usefulness. I believe ESPN succeeds in this category as well, as they have most everything you could be looking for just one click away. Whether you’re looking for a score, a top headline, or a specific league or team, it is all right there from the home screen.

Aesthetic plays a role in the interface as well. The icons of the teams and leagues off to the left, provide good visuals for the user, and the blue sign up button was done as a result of blue representing trust in the user. It even offers a customizable experience as well, which allows for the user to tailor their favorite teams/leagues to get news and scores based on their interests.

Understandability is present here, with the interface being pretty self explanatory, and easy to access.

The site is fairly unobtrusive, however sometimes ads can come up and block whatever you are viewing for a couple seconds. This will prompt an “x” close bubble to come up which the user can then use to close the ad, however if not careful enough the user could potentially click on the ad causing them to be taken to another website.

The design is honest, with accurate scores, and news, promising to tailor your likes and teams so you can be made aware of big news right on the home screen.

This design has already been long-lasting as i’ve seen it used for many years now. This is because of the drop down menu’s and everything being so accessible. This is good because if you’re a site like, it wouldn’t be the best move to keep changing the interface and confusing people.

This site is very thorough, offering everything from team schedules, rosters, stadium, tickets, scores etc. If there is anything you wish to learn about a specific team/league you can find it here.

This site does not have anything to suggest it is environmentally friendly, however it doesn’t offer any products to be sold, so i’m not sure that would even play a factor here.

This site in my opinion does use as little design as possible. Instead of having the league’s each have their own menus, they are all connected through the main menu. Also instead of having to click on an article to watch a video, the video can be played through the home screen. Same thing with scores, as they are all placed at the top of the screen. Almost everything is only one click away.

Overall delivers on 8/10 commandments for a perfect web design. It is because of this that the site is one of the most used for sports media, and continues to be.

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