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Picture of "The Slow Rush" album on the turntable with the album cover behind it

Kevin Parker’s fourth full length album shows us the internal battle the songwriter has with himself to come to grips with the inevitable passing of time.

In a year like no other that saw artists recording their music in several different makeshift ways, “The Slow Rush” was one of the few exceptions of this, having come out in February, a month before the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

The result is a 57 minute long 12 track album that deals with the eventual passing of time, and the on-going struggle the frontman, Kevin Parker, has with that.

Originally from Australia, Parker moved out west to California to make this album, one he says would not have been made possible if not for this change. Parker, 34, made this album entirely on his own just as he did his last three records. Producing, Engineering, Writing, and Preforming everything on this album is a rarity for artists these days, despite being rather common in the 60s/70s (See Todd Rundgren’s “Something/Anything”

The song “One More Year” starts off this album, with “One More Hour” ending the album some 50 minutes later. In between these tracks are 10 songs that deal with the passing of time, love, lust, confusing, controlling your destiny, and worrying about the future.

The albums meaning to me has changed a bit over the last year due to the pandemic, forcing me to ask myself questions such as what i want to do with my life, am I wasting my time, am I surrounding myself with the right people and if I died today would I say i’ve done everything i’ve wanted to? This album is one i’m sure will mean more to me down the road as the passing of time becomes increasingly faster the older i become.

My favorite tracks from this album include “Instant Destiny,” “Posthumous Foregiveness”, and “Is It True”

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