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Picture of an ariel view of the SUNY Oswego Campus

1.) How to be better at time management. – A skill that everyone should be able to adapt for themselves, being at school has taught me to be able to juggle schoolwork, personal time, friendships, relationships, and clubs. Nobody really teaches you these things, and it’s something i’ve had to adapt to succeed

2.) Being more Independent – Again, an obvious one, but being away at school has taught me to take more action and get things done for myself. I’ve learned basic life traits such as making my own dinner, doing my own laundry, and buying my own groceries. There isn’t anybody here to do these things for me anymore, and I’ve definitely had to step into a more mature role

3.) My true passion in life – When I first arrived on campus I was undecided on my major. Through several meetings with advisors, and even a class which helped me reach my major. I am so grateful for the help that was given to me throughout the process and am so relived I finally found a place here.

4.) Taking Initiative – Your college experience is obviously what you make of it, and being at college has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and chase experiences that I wouldn’t necessarily would have before. Nobody is going to come looking for you to get involved, it’s up to you what to do with your time and resources.

5.) The world of media – Obviously, being here has taught me about my desired profession, being in media. Through classes and clubs such as WNYO, Oswego is teaching me how to work and operate in the world of media. These stepping stones will build my foundation so that when it’s time for me to get a job, I will be prepared for it.

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