Inside The Grooves

For the music lover

1.) Beautiful Campus – Perhaps Oswego’s biggest draw. With it’s location right on Lake Ontario, SUNY Oswego has some very beautiful scenery, with it’s breathtaking sunsets and foliage being just two examples of how nice the campus looks (especially during those fall months!)

2.) Class Size – With most classes at SUNY Oswego holding only 25 students, classes are more personal as the focus is able to stay on the individual. Professors are also easily accessible as most are more than willing to spend more time one on one during office hours to assist you. Do you really want to be in a classroom of 150 students where the professor doesn’t know your name?

3.) Clubs, Clubs, and….More Clubs! – With over 200 clubs to join at SUNY Oswego, it is easy for anyone to find a club they are passionate about and join. At the beginning of every semester, the involvement fair takes place showcasing every club and organization on campus. If there is a club you wish to join that doesn’t exist, create it! You’d be surprised how many people share the same interests as you…

4.) Friendly Campus Atmosphere – Arriving as a freshmen has its set of challenges and uncertainties, but everyone is in the same boat and finding and making friends is really easy here as we have a really great community of students. It wont be long until it’s impossible to walk from Shineman to Lanigan without seeing a friendly face.

5.) Diversity – With over 40+ countries being represented on campus and 60+ major/minor programs available, there is a place for EVERYBODY at SUNY Oswego, making it a great place for anyone to get their education and start their professional journey here…so what are you waiting for?

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